Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I pay a Recruitment Agency to find me a job?

A. No, it is against the law for a recruitment agency to charge a job-seeker for registering with them or for finding them a job.


Q. Will I definitely get a response to my CV when I send it into a recruitment Agency?

A. It is good business practice for an agency to respond to all CV’s they receive. However, given the vast volume of CV’s received by some agencies and shortage of time, we recommend that job-seekers should follow up themselves if they have not received an acknowledgement.


Q. Will I be interviewed by the agency?

A. If the agency feels that your skills/experience are suited to particular positions available then you should be called for interview. It is not always possible for an Agency to interview all applicants that apply for roles with their agency.


Q. How should I treat the interview with the agency?

A. Job-seekers should treat the interview with the agency as their first interview as the agency will shortlist candidates to be put forward to employers for interview based on their CV and interview with the agency.


Q. Will I be told in advance to whom the agency will send my CV?

A. Unless you’ve instructed the agency otherwise, the agency is required by law to seek job-seekers permission prior to sending their CV to an employer. (For further information on your rights see


Q. Will my references be checked?

A. Usually it will be the employer that checks references for permanent positions however; some agencies may do so on behalf of the employer. Either way they are obliged to seek the candidate’s permission first.


Q. Can I only register with one agency at any time?

A. No. Candidates may register with as many agencies as they wish. Indeed as there are no charges to candidates it is recommended that job-seekers register with several appropriate agencies as this may increase their chance of securing work.


Q. Do all agencies provide the same service?

A. No. While all agencies seek to find people jobs, some agencies deal with specific sectors, (e.g. Office/Secretarial, Hotel/Catering etc), others are generalists’ agencies and operate on a localised basis (i.e. finding local jobs for local people).


Q. Can I increase my chances by applying for the same job with two different agencies?

A. No. In fact you can decrease your chances as employers may see this as an error on your part (CV arriving twice) or it could lead to disputes between employer and the agencies. To avoid this problem NRF agencies are obliged to check with you if you have already applied for a job for which they believe you are suitable.


Q. Can I expect a response/feedback about my interview with a potential employer?

A. Good business practice indicates that you should receive feedback, however it is dependent on the agency receiving feedback from the employer.


Q. Will I be charged for the services of a Recruitment Agency?

A. Agencies do charge for their services. However, you should only be charged for placements made and/or any agreed expenses e.g. advertising.

Q. Can I go to a number of agencies to fill the one vacancy?

A. Yes, as you will only be charged for a successful placement and therefore it is worth registering with a number of agencies in order to maximise the chances of filling that role.


Q. Is it advisable to build a relationship with an agency?

A. Yes. When an agency has a deep understanding of a client it is in a much better position to find the right person for their job vacancies.


Q. Am I entitled to a refund if a placement leaves?

A. Based on your Terms and Conditions as agreed with an agency you may be entitled to a refund of fees paid or portion thereof if the candidate leaves within a certain (agreed) time period.


Q. Is there a standard industry fee for recruitment services?

A. No. While in general most agencies operate a scale of fees, the more difficult the role to fill the higher the fee is likely to be. This is something that a client should agree upfront with any agencies before the agency commences to source on their behalf,so that they know exactly what the service will cost them.


Q. Can an agency headhunt a person who they have just recently placed in a job?

A. The law does not prevent this practice however, the NRF agencies are forbidden from doing so (see NRF Code of Conduct, Section 6b in “About NRF ”on this site).


Q. What are the benefits of using an NRF member agency?

A. There are several benefits (see Benefits of Membership” on this site).


Q. If I approach an agency will I be sent a lot of CV’s straight away?

A. No. NRF members try to ensure that only suitable candidates are sent to the employer and will only send CV’s of candidates that have expressed an interest in the specific role. This process can take time and therefore it is unlikely that CV’s will be sent immediately.


Q. Are all recruitment agencies members of the NRF?

A. No. NRF member agencies are those who are committed to the best practice by voluntarily adhering to the NRF Code of Conduct (see home page for full list of member agencies). Indeed more and more employers are choosing the services of NRF member agencies for this reason.


Q. Can an agency obtain a work permit for a candidate?

A. No. Work permits will only be issued to the employer that directs and controls contracts with and pays the employee. Therefore only the end employer can obtain a work permit.