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Our Judges

Janice O'Rourke
Janice O’Rourke
Senior Manager Hewlett Packard
Anita Holbrook
Anita Holbrook
Director of Member Service Recruitment & Employment Confederation UK
David Head
David Head
Leader of Vision Values & Ethics – Recruitment International UK
Brian O hOisin
Brian O hOisin
Director at Career Zoo
Brendan McGinty
Brendan McGinty
Managing Director, Stratify Consulting
Ziva Newman

Ziva Newman
Development Executive, Educational Trust, Dublin City University

Agency of the year large

Agency of the year medium

Agency of the year small

Best New Agency

Permanent Recruitment Consultant of the Year

Temporary Recruitment Consultant of the Year

Best Company Social Responsibility Award

Best Agency Online

Best In Practice a Specialism

Best In Practice Accountancy & Finance

Best In Practice Healthcare

Best In Practice Industrial, Warehousing & Logistics

Best In Practice IT, Telecoms & Technical

Best In Practice Office & Secretarial

Best In Practice Pharma, Engineering & Science

Best In Practice Sales & Marketing

Best in in Hospitality and Events

Graduate of the year 2016


Download Application Forms
We understand that there will be many questions around the awards however before you look to enter a query please can you check it does not appear here under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).
1. Who decided the categories?
The categories were decided by the NRF committee. . While we appreciate we could have many more awards especially within recruitment specialism’s we are trying to keep the awards to a limit, but we did listen to what your feedback on last years categories. Therefore based on this feedback we have introduced the “ Agency of the Year for 13- 30 staff”. Due to the volume of entries to the Agency of the year for fewer than 30 staff last year your feedback indicated we should split this award. There are now 3 sizes of Agency of the year Award. We have also re instated the Hospitality and Events award. (See full list of award categories on the NRF Website).
2. Who chose the judges?
The judges are chosen by the NRF CEO. The judges give up their time for free and represent all angles of the recruitment industry. Due to increased volumes of entries last year we will have 6 adjudicators this year.
3. Will all agencies be interviewed in “Agency of the Year” and will all recruitment consultants be interviewed under “Recruitment Consultant of the Year”?
It would not be possible to interview all applicants for the “Agency of the Year” or all Recruitment Consultants for “Recruitment Consultant of the Year”, therefore a limited number will be interviewed. There is no guarantee you will be called for interview as the competition is to a very high standard. The judges are giving up their time for free and will shortlist based on the information in front of them.
4. If I enter a category such as Sales & Marketing do I need to have equal size practices?
We have in some instances coupled two areas together if this is seen as the norm in the industry so Sales & Marketing are coupled, but you can present a case if you are more focused on one area than the other.
5. Can you give us more information around the submission and what level of “window dressing” is allowed?
(To save you a lot of money we felt we should answer this question for you as many of the submissions went too far last year in their submissions and it was money wasted).
Based on the feedback from the last couple of years judging panels we have now introduced a maximum word count per each area of criteria. There will be strict adherence to this word count by all adjudicators. You can still submit a Maximum of four pages (as you may want to add in logos or photos) and if you opt to include these any words on them will be added to the word count. Four pages means four written A4 pages, this does not mean that you can submit 4 pages but have written on both sides of the page (which would equate to 8 pages). All applications are accepted by email submissions. The font cannot be smaller than Arial font 10 in the main submission. Appendices count and will be added to the word count as does ANY EMBEDDED GRAPHICS.
There is also a new section added (optional) that you can introduce your business IN NO MORE THAN 100 WORDS and this will be part of the 4 pages.
The judges have been told that they will read 4 pages and will stop after that regardless of how many more pages there is in the submission.
There is a cover page for each category you apply for (i.e. title, date, company name etc) which does not count in your four pages and common sense will apply however this is to ensure everyone understands that writing more than 4 pages will not help you but will penalize you. While you can use colour and pictures if you wish all judges will essentially receive is the four pages given they could have over 100 applications to review. With that in mind if you are putting your submissions in leather bound embossed wallets or expensive packaging or something of the equivalent, the judges will not see this so you may be wasting your money.
6. What is the best in Specialism Award?
This is an award created for all those agencies who believe they are excelling in a specific area whether its Legal, media, aviation, events ….that is not represented in another practice.
7. What is the Company Social Responsibility Award (CSR)
“Company Social Responsibility is the concept of integrating social and environmental factors into your company’s aim and objectives. Properly implemented a good CSR plan can increase profits, employee engagement, brand recognition and customer loyalty among other things.
8. What is the NRF Programme in Recruitment Practice Award?
These winners of this award will be chosen by ILM City & Guilds for the NRF Programme in Recruitment Practice. The recipient’s of this award will be named on the night.
9. What are the criteria for Best Agency Newcomer?
The Newcomer Category is open to all agencies that are less than 3 years old.
10. How many categories can I submit entries to?
You can submit entries to any 3 Best in Practice Awards chosen by you. You can also submit entries for Recruitment Consultant of the year both temporary and permanent (you can only enter 1 consultant per award) you can also apply for agency of the year (applicable size). Total entries from an agency should not exceed 6.
11. If I enter more than one award do I need to pay for each entry I submit?
Yes it will cost €50 per application.If you have any questions or queries that are not covered in the above please contact NRF CEO Geraldine King on 01-8161754.

All entrants are subject to a request for further information or validation of their submissions if requested.Entries are non-returnable or refundable.A minimum of five entries must be received in order for a category to proceed.Judges decision is final in terms of any awards made. The organisers will not be obliged to justify their decisions or enter into any correspondence.Any entrants for the awards must be prepared to participate in media coverage and this should be accepted as a condition of entry.*All applicants may be subject to interview with the judges subject to sufficient notice.The organisers reserve the right not to make awards in any category if the standard of entry does not warrant it.All information submitted will be treated as confidential and will not, subject to above*, be disclosed without the permission of the applicant.Companies can only submit a maximum of 3 Best in practice entries along with a Recruitment Consultant of the year both temporary and permanent and Agency of the year awards making it a total of 6 awards.The Organisers reserve the right to publish general information pertaining to the companies entering the awards. Details of a confidential nature will not be published.

* The Organisers reserve the right to publish general information pertaining to the companies entering the awards. Details of a confidential nature will not be published.

Download Application Forms