Falling into recruitment: the best trip I’ve ever had!


Sometimes I find myself wondering how it is that I ended up in the wonderful sector of employment we call the recruitment industry.

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GDPR is here – we at Careerwise are ready, are you?


This months blog contributor is regional committee member and Director of Careerwise Mike Morrissey. A very relevant topic for this month!

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Are We Recruiters or Counsellors? – Neil Buckley RedChair Recruitment


When I was asked to write this article, I wanted to write about something that I knew would relate to all fellow recruiters within the industry. At some point, we have all experienced some if not all the below…I am going to use the word “symptoms” and I will explain why.

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NRF Membership Blog – Donal O’Donoghue


My goal, as committee member responsible membership growth, is to have every licenced recruitment organisation in Ireland recognised as an NRF member. Ireland already leads the way in this regard with 95% of the companies our sector already operating as NRF members.

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The importance of building your employer brand


As employer brands are based on intangible factors such as image, identity, and perception, being able to discover what it is about a brand that creates an emotional inclination and a sense of identification with the company, can prove invaluable to employers.

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Top 6 tips from NRF President Frank Farrelly – How do SME’s compete for talent with Blue- Chip Companies.


The simple answer is that they should not compete directly, as larger employers have advantages based on scale or employer brand. Most forward thinking companies have been investing in their ‘Employer brands’ for year. You will not be able to replicate quickly, cheaply or most importantly authentically.

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Darwin & Recruitment by Turlach McAlister


The Darwinian principle of the survival of the most adaptable is one that everyone needs to bear in mind, but the old adage that people buy people should never be forgotten

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