The National Recruitment Federation(NRF) in partnership with the Cork Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce details of its regional summer conference which will take place on Thursday 3rd July in the Clarion Hotel Cork City. This year the Seminar will focus on how the recruitment industry is performing both at home & globally and how it continues to play an integral part in helping to get the Country back to work. The seminar will focus on not just the skills needed for the future but will also look at the trends that are emerging as we move forward in the world of social media.

Entitled, “The Future is Now” will have a line-up of excellent speakers who will impart knowledge on what the future holds for Ireland and internationally. Officially opened by MEP Phil Prendergast, a qualified Nurse and Midwife, Phil has spent 30 years in politics and has a unique insight into what really matters to people. Chair for the evening is CEO of Cork Chamber Conor Healy, who will also give his vision and update into what is happening in the Cork region. First to take the podium will be Chief Operating Officer of VOXPRO and Non Executive director at Trend Micro Anthony O’Mara. Anthony will give his view of what he foresees what the future will hold for job seekers going forward. Anthony will be followed by NRF Vice President Barbara McGrath who will give a comprehensive overview of the recruitment industry now and into the future. Barbara will also share data on recruitment trends internationally and give an insight into the world of recruitment globally. Lastly, Eva De lacy from LinkedIn will give an insight into how companies are transforming the way they hire, market, and sell.

If you are interested in the latest trends and data in the ever-changing recruitment industry, you cannot afford to miss this unique event.
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As always, members will have an opportunity to network at this seminar, so maximise your attendance and get out to meet fellow Cork Chamber members, as well as members of the National Recruitment Federation.


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NRF & Cork Chamber release details of Cork Seminar