Falling into recruitment: the best trip I’ve ever had!

Sometimes I find myself wondering how it is that I ended up in the wonderful sector of employment we call the recruitment industry.

Let’s all be honest, when we were asked by the teacher back in primary school what we wanted to be when we grew up, not one of us could have predicted the path we would eventually take.

‘I’d like to be a footballer,’ said John; ‘I’m going to be a nurse,’ said Mary; ‘I want to be a recruiter,’ said Deirdre. Now, that is not really how these things pan out, is it?

The truth is that many of us recruiters “fell” into the industry, so to speak, realising at some point in our adult lives that we had the necessary skills to succeed and triumph in it.

And what luck we had, all of us who call ourselves recruiters today, to have wound up in such an interesting, challenging and rewarding sector of employment.

As recruiters, our main area of expertise is not the jobs market. To describe the role in that way would be to simplify it to a degree that would do it a great injustice. The real expertise of recruiters is in people.

As recruiters, we are responsible for sourcing and pairing individuals and their skillsets to the needs of each employer and role. In many ways, we are tasked with finding a needle in a haystack: that ideal employee for that specific role on offer.

It is no easy task, on occasion, because we are trying to satisfy the happiness of two individuals at once: the employer and the employee. But, time and time again we deliver, and there is great satisfaction in that.

I always say that it takes very special people to work in our industry, and I think there is a great deal of mutual respect between recruiters across all companies for the work we all do.

Working with people every day really opens your eyes to their value. You begin to realise that people, with all of their skills and talents, are worth their weight in gold. And this not only refers to the people we place in employment, but also to the recruiters who we hire to work for and with us.

It has never been more important to be tuned in to the needs and wellbeing of the people working for you. The world has changed so much and so fast in the last decade or two, and the employment sector has changed to reflect that.

Today, issues like mental health in the workplace are more important than ever before. Life can be challenging at times, both inside and outside of a job, so it is so vital to take steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of those working for you..

We at HERO are always looking at ways to address these issues, taking our introduction of yoga classes for our employees as an example; a simple but very effective step. We offer a range of really great flexible working options to help mould to our teams lifestyle and give better quality of life

When working in a fast paced environment like the recruitment industry, it is important to introduce these kinds of initiatives. Unwinding and distressing is something we all need to do every now and again.

And, bless us, we are well able to unwind. Ask anyone who attends the National Recruitment Federation Awards each year!

But, while the job can be difficult at times, the rewards far outweigh the very few negatives. Any recruiter will tell you how satisfying it is to call a person to tell them they have gotten the job. Or that genuine warmth we feel when we receive a thank you card or gift from a person we place in employment.

For some of those people, we have really and truly helped to change their lives. That should not be underestimated. Many of us understand that desperate feeling of searching for a job for an extended period of time without having much luck. To be able to take that stress from a person’s shoulders is incredibly rewarding. It is priceless.

That is not to mention the fantastic financial rewards that come with a career in recruitment. Some recruiters start in agency with the idea to move in-house to work in the HR/talent acquisitions departments of companies. However, so many people never end up making that move.

Why? Because the challenges and the sense of accomplishment are never the same, and because the monetary rewards never compare. When you are good at and enjoy your job as a recruiter, there really are so many rewarding aspects to it.

So, while I am one of those that “fell into” the industry, I am genuinely thankful each and every day that I did. I love my job, and would not change it for all the money in the world.

Michelle Kilcar, Hero Recruitment 

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