Agency Workers – FAQ’s

Legislation About Recruitment in Ireland

The Employment Agency Act, 1971 provides that any person carrying on the business of an employment agency must obtain a licence to do so from the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.Persons seeking employment through an employment agency should ensure that they deal only with licensed agencies No fee may be charged by an agency to a job seeker solely for agreeing to seek employment for them.

All NRF Members are required to be licensed as a condition of membership.

More information and a copy of the Act can be found in the Irish Statute Book database.


Employment Law in Ireland

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment in Ireland is charged with promoting fairness and efficiency in the labour market and with protecting the rights of employees to a safe and healthy workplace.

Many publications are available from the Department including:

  • The Guide to Labour Law
  • Organisation of the Working Time Act
  • Guide to National Minimum Wage Act 2000

More Information is available by visiting the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment web site – or by calling the department on: + 353 (0) 1 631 3131.

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Agency Workers Directive – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on the Agency Workers Directive including:

  • What is the Agency Workers Directive?
  • Who does it affect?
  • Who does equal treatment apply to?
  • When does it come active?

Download Agency Workers Directive FAQ

Download Agency Workers Directive Briefing

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