NRF Fellowship Event 2019

NRF Fellowship Event 2019

The 2019 National Recruitment Federation Fellowship Event will take place on Thursday 12th September in The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin.

The event, sponsored by Bullhorn, is an annual gathering of all those who have received NRF Fellowship.

On the night NRF President, Frank Farrelly, will also announce the recipient of the Honorary NRF Fellowship Award. The award is given in recognition of the individual’s outstanding contribution to the recruitment profession.

Keep an eye on our website for details of the winner, and photos from the event.

For more information about NRF Fellowship please see below.

What is National Recruitment Federation (NRF) Fellowship?

Fellowship of the NRF is awarded to a member of an agency in a senior role and who has been in the recruitment profession for 10 years, or more, who is currently employed by an NRF member.

NRF Fellowship gives the individual clear recognition of their service, dedication and commitment to the recruitment profession throughout their career. It also highlights, to peers and employers, their recruitment knowledge, skills and expertise.

How Can I Become an NRF Fellow?

Individual members of the NRF can apply for fellowship. They must be in a senior role and in recruitment for at least 10 years. All applications are reviewed annually by the NRF Fellowship Committee, and once the specific set of criteria are met, and references have been checked and verified, a certificate, with the NRF Fellowship seal, is awarded to the individual.

For a full list of NRF Fellows click here.

What is the Honorary NRF Fellowship Award?

Each year the NRF Fellowship Committee awards an Honorary NRF Fellowship to an individual in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the recruitment profession.

To date a total of 8 Honorary NRF Fellowship Awards have been awarded. Recipients include:

  • 2010: Frank Collins – CEO NoBox Pilot Solutions
  • 2011: Mary B Cremin
  • 2013: Ken Belshaw,  Grafton Recruitment
  • 2014: Molly Hynes, Hynes Agency
  • 2015: Don Keating, Atlas Recruitment & Co-founder of the NRF
  • 2016: Colin Donnery, FRS Recruitment & David Seery Kearney, Noel Group
  • 2017: Peter Cosgrove, CPL
  • 2018: Barbara McGrath- Brightwater

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